Coach tickets can be purchased at Termini station.

Terravision is one option to avoid at all costs. The cost is only 13 euro each return (4 EUR one way when booked online in advance). The service is completely unreliable so a far better option is to share the price of a taxi between 4 travellers (€30 or €7.50 per person). However, if for whatever reason the coach is cancelled or you miss your assigned coach, you will most likely find it very difficult to have a refund - However, the terms and conditions on the site state that if you miss the bus due to a delayed flight, you may take the next available bus. Unfortunately, buses are liable to be cancelled without notice - even 3 in a row, leaving anxious travellers wondering whether they should wait or take the loss and run for the nearest taxi. Therefore, be wary of booking in advance as it is possible to pay for a seat on the coach on arrival at the airport terminal. 

Some Useful Tips:

You can also practice getting to and from Ciampino airport for 1.50  euro one way. This method recommended for those who are not scared of walking a little bit to the nearest train station called Casabianca. The road to Casabianca takes about 15 minutes and it is not too suited for pedestrians but is still an option. After arrival to Ciampino go out of Airport territory to reach the road which is just adjacent to airport entrance. It connects airport to Rome.  From the entrance turn left and take improvised sidewalk aside the road. It is not too broad and convenient but available for walking. Follow this sidewalk until the first intersection. Here turn left. This part of the way lack any sidewalk so you must walk on the road itself. The sides are covered with high weeds. However it is short and takes only up to 5 minutes to  pass. It will lead you to the Casabianca station where you can take a train to Roma termini. 

  • If you want to go by train: you have to take the bus for Ciampino town  then the train to Rome
  • If you use the Terravision coach from Ciampino to Termini and want to then get into the City Centre .. the buses are cheap (4 euro) and easy to use (40 goes from Termini to St Peters Square) or go to the official taxi rank. Don't just accept a lift from the many men who hang around saying "taxi, taxi"!
  • There are regular local buses from the Ciampino Train Station to the airport and vice versa - cost of the bus is €1,20 (you can pay the driver on board)

    shuttle bus

    The cost of the train to or from Termini is €1,50.  The travel time from Ciampino Station to Ciampino airport (and vice versa) is about 10 minutes (depending on traffic conditions) - trains are every 15 minutes, although the last train from Ciampino station to Termini leaves around 10pm (ie not ideal for late night arrivals), and the train journey Ciampino Train Station to Termini is 15 minutes - the total journey time airport-center is about the same as the numerous coach services - although depending on the bus connection and traffic conditions can be faster or slower    This option does involve a transfer at Ciampino Station (bus stops right outside the station but there are some stairs to negotiate to the platform), so a taxi is better if you have a lot of heavy luggage.  At Ciampino airport the bus for the Ciampino Train Station is right outside as you exit the arrivals hall.
  • From Ciampino airport you can take the same bus all the way to the end of its line at the Anagnina Metro Station (on Line A of Rome's Metro system).  The metro runs until 9:00 pm Sunday-Friday, and until 1:00am on Saturday.  The total cost of this journey is only €2 (bus to/from Ciampino €1, metro ticket €1) - however, it takes considerably longer (the journey time from Ciampino Airport to the Anagnina metro is about 30 minutes,  the metro journey from Anagnina to Termini is also about 30 minutes).
  • The ticket booth for the coaches is right there before you exit the airport. The coach then takes you to Termini from which you can get another public bus (buy ticket before you get on) or taxi to your hotel. The  Schiaffini bus costs 3 euros and 90  Eurocents  to Termini which you can buy onboard.  When returning to the airport the terravison office is on the opposite side of the termini station to where you are dropped off.