The enchanting Amalfi coast is one of the most beautiful in the world. The surrounding hills around Sorrento feature a mix of styles from the various civilizations that played a role in its long history.  And although it is not on the Amalfi Coast itself, the town offers a mix of winding streets to wander about, as well as delightful little beaches and rugged hillside.

When compared to Naples, which is much larger in size, Sorrento is a clean and almost manicured Italian town of swept sidewalks and well-kept streets. The city itself appears to rise out of the sea, ling the 150-foot tall cliffs. The two marinas, the Marina Grande and the Marina Piccola, located at the base of the cliffs away from the old town center, are constant hubs of activity throughout the week.

The neighborhood around the Pizzao Tasso, which is essentially Sorrento’s own town square, is filled with small shops and quaint eateries. The town is truly Italian, and everyone operates at their own unhurried pace, even more so than nearby Naples.

And if the pace in Sorrento isn’t slow enough for you, consider a quick jaunt across the bay to Capri, where you can explore more cobbled streets or relax on the  beaches of this mini-island paradise.