Firstly, avoid if you can going through Naples. The Alibus which goes from the airport to Naples is parked a few minutes’ walk away on the left, not well signposted and it gets terribly overcrowded, there is never enough room for everyone’s luggage, so it’s an uncomfortable stand for many people. The driver does not announce when you have got to Naples train station, which because of all the building work around there is difficult to spot. Ask and exit with the locals. Then you have got to find your way to the Circumvesuviana train station which is separate from the main rail station and is downstairs. This train also gets very overcrowded is slow and uncomfortable and you get hassled by people playing music or begging. Ignore them like the locals.

Recommendation is to catch the CurreriViaggi Coach Service direct from the airport to Sorrento. It also stops at S. Agnello.

It’s comfortable, quick (1 hour and 15 minutes) each way, cheap (10 EU) and your luggage can go underneath. On the journey you get lovely views of Mount Vesuvius and the coastline. The service is not very frequent so check the times on the website, but ultimately saves time and hassle.

Bus Service between Naples Airport & Sorrento:

- Daily Bus Service
- Departure from Naples Airport (Capodichino NAP) – bus stop is outside the Departures Terminal.

- Departure from Sorrento – Circumvesuviana Train Station
- Ticket Cost:  10(ten) Euros per person each way
- Tickets can be purchased inside the bus
- Approximate duration - 1 hour and 15 minutes each way (subject to traffic conditions)

The timetable changes depending on the time of year, ie more runs in the summer months, so check their website for the current timings