This is a long walk for the fit and energetic, but well worth it for the views that it affords over Amalfi and Ravello. Sturdy footwear is a must and you should also allow around 5 hours plus.

Start in the centre of Amalfi with one of the fabulous cakes from the Savoia pasticceria on Via Matteo Camera (see website at ) Follow the main road through the centre of Amalfi and stock up on bottled water, then continue through the town looking out for the start of the steps on the right that lead up to the village of Pontone. There are basically two ways to do this - one is to follow the steps, the other is to follow the river. The riverside route goes through an area of outstanding natural beauty. Following the river is steep in places but it has a footpath along side. If you do follow the river, you need to rejoin the steps near Pontone being careful of the gradients. This is a steep climb, but the reward is the view over Amalfi which is absolutely stunning.

Pontone is a charming village that overlooks Amalfi. There is a pleasant little bar in the piazza which serves an assortment of pannini and nothing could be better after the steep assent from Amalfi than resting a while here with a sandwich and a drink whilst admiring the panorama.

The next part of the climb from Pontone to Minuta is perhaps the steepest part of the ascent from Amalfi. the highlight is the ruined church of Sant'  Eustachio with its spectacular views over Amalfi, Pontone and Ravello. Continuing up to the village of Minuta, you then follow the road to Scala with spectacular views of Ravello across the Valle del Dragone to the right hand side.

Following a couple of well earned beers at the bar in Scala, look out for the signs indicating the footpath through the Valle del Dragone. Be careful, as this is rough in places but it brings you back down below Ravello to Atrani. In several places it also involves walking on the road.

Eventually you will start to descend into the village of Atrani, which is Amalfi's near neighbour. There are a couple of very pleasant bars in the town square but the real star is the seafront restaurant at Le Arcate which serves home produced pasta with clams and mussels (see website at The return walk to Amalfi takes around 15 minutes via the sea front road.

All in all, if you are very fit and want to be rewarded for the steep climbs and descents with some of the finest views in Italy then this walk off the beaten path could be for you.