Amalfi Coast travel is considered to be very safe travel by both local (Italian) standards and larger international standards.  Children are welcome as visitors with their families.  College-age students often travel to the area alone or with friends without any major safety concerns.  The water is safe to drink, there are no special health isues in the area and all types of crime are relatively low.  In terms of international threats, such as terrorism bombings, there is almost no risk in the area at all.

In fact, most often, the greatest risk to Amalfi Coast visitors is themselves.  Travelers sometimes go a bit overboard on vacation and forget their common sense and this is as true of those visiting the Amalfi Coast as those visiting anywhere else.  Travelers may drink too much alcohol and have problems related to that.  Travelers may also fail to take common precautions for water safety and sun safety on the beaches.  Motor scooters are very popular, fun to drive, relatively cheap to hire and much more convenient than cars - but the risk of an accident is not inconsiderable. These are standard things which visitors are aware of but sometimes forget because they are having so much fun. 

In terms of risks posed by others, the greatest threat to safety is petty theft which is most likely to occur in the busiest time of the year, when crowds of tourists all pack in to the same areas for attractions and entertainment.  Travelers are not at great risk of petty theft, but it does happen, with public transportation being the place most such crime is likely to occur.  Information about what to do in case of an emergency anywhere in Italy, including Amalfi Coast, is available at .