The Amalfi Coast is famous for many things amongst its breathtaking beauty, glorious past and culture is its fresh produce, tantalising tastes and fabulous local wines. Each town has something different to offer from its mozzarella di bufala, fresh seafood to its lemon cakes and lemonciello and fabulous wine... you will surely be delighted!!

There is a culinary tour that you can take part in that visits the towns of the amalfi coast all in one day where you can sample the local produce and wines along with a wonderful traditional italian meal shared with friends. It is a lot of fun, absolutely delicious and very memorable. The tour is called Divine Decadence on the amalfi coast it is for one day and you get to have a wonderful culinary and cultural experience in towns such as Amalfi, Furore, Positano, Ravello and Agerola.