Travelers to Italy beware: Booking with an American vendor, such as Thrifty, switches you to a separate independent Thrify licensee in Italy (Palermo) who is free to switch you again to a European rental agency. That's a long road from your first contact with! They may not give you any customer service, for a complaint about your rental.   This European agency may not give  the car you ordered: If you reserve and pay for a traditional automatic, you may get a European model not sold in the the United States. This had a dual transmission gearbox, Some people say its the same as automatic but it definitely is not.This car feels awkward and unsafe to drive, It has no parking function,it has a procedure like a manual transmission, it decelerates on highways and slips on grades.

Most important comment: Be clear about whom you are dealing with at the outset. Those listed in the post below below may not be "direct car hire providers". They may be middle men and send you to a company that gives you no recourse.This experience is from July, 2014.


Direct car hire providers that operate in Italy;