The 7-day Festival of Fermín tends to wreak havoc on Pamplona’s otherwise fairly decent transportation system. Throughout the rest of the year, it's easy to drive yourself, walk, or take public transport; but during that week in July, you’ll find yourself competing with thousands of other tourists for parking spaces and bus seats. Here are some transportation tips that will allow you to have a memorable, hassle-free week. (These ideas will certainly work the rest of the year, too.)

If you plan to drive to Pamplona in a rental car, make sure your company is represented in Pamplona. This way, you can return your car at the local airport when you arrive and rent a new one when you leave. It is always wise to keep this option open, considering that almost all street parking is metered, and underground garages fill up fast. If you can’t find a parking space for your car, just return it - especially if you’re there during Fermín, because it will probably be too crowded to drive.

If you brought your own car, there are a few ways to guarantee parking. Guests at the Avenida, Ciudad and Albret hotels can reserve parking spaces in private garages. You should contact the hotels for a reservation as soon as possible, because even these spaces will go quickly! Once you’ve successfully parked your car, you can roam around town with the masses or, as many locals do, ride a bicycle to avoid getting swept up in the crowd. If an emergency arises and you need a taxi, call a company from a taxi stand - cabs won’t stop for you on the street, especially during Festival week.