Tips for taking taxis and renting cars.

1- Taxi fares are moderate compared to other European cities. The fare from the Airport to Madrid downtown is approximately €15, it is a 30-minute ride. All taxis are metered and well regulated. You won't need to negotiate the fare.

2- Taxis perfectly combine with walking if you are moving in the inner city. You can hail the taxi on the street or you can call one. Here is a list with main Madrid taxi services.

3- You can rent a car from international brand agencies or from local agencies. You can get special deals with locals but that involves some negotiation, so it’s up to you if you fel like bargaining. You will find almost every international agency in the city or at Barajas Airport.

4- All agencies have a range of models, but they will give you a manual transmission car. If you prefer an automatic, reserve weeks in advance and make it clear to the agent that you want a car with automatic transmission.

5- Rental car rates begin at €50 a day and €225 a week for an economy car with air-conditioning, manual transmission, and unlimited mileage.

6- It is better to drive a small car because some roads, yes in Madrid, can be really narrow and at some places you‘ll have problems finding a parking space.

 7- There are online calculators where you can estimate the taxi fares by entering the starting point and ending point.  Some support flat rates and include surcharges, so try looking up the fees before you travel.

Taxi Surcharges

The Taxis of Madrid are metered so you would think you would not need to ask the fare, but YOU DO. Taxis often add charges for transportation to and from large trade shows (typically about €3) or to be picked up or dropped off at the airport (has been reported to be DOUBLE the metered fare!) These cost are not shown on the meter, you will only hear about them when its time to pay. Plan accordingly. 

 All the tarifs and surcharges are explained on the Town Hall's website

Here are the top three car hire companies that offer car hire in Spain

  1. AVIS (
  2. Budget (
  3. Hertz (