Visitors to Spain should taste some of the sherry wines to make their trip complete. This material is taken from "Rutas del vino y Brandy del Marco de Jerez".

1.Fino - Delicate bouquet suggestive of almonds. Light and dry on the palate. It is aged under a veil of yeast called "flor".

2. Manzanilla - Dry, sharp bouquet which is light on the palate. It is aged under the very special type of "flor" that exclusively grows in the cellars located in Sanlucar de Barrameda.

3. Amontillado - Sharp but subtle bouquet suggestive of hazelnuts. It is light and smooth on the palate.

4. Oloroso - Amber to mahogany colored, with a pronounced bouquet, with overtones of nuts, and a full body.

5. Palo Cortado - A wine with bright mahogany color, with a bouquet suggestive of hazelnuts and dry palate. It is balanced, elegant and very persistent.

6. Pale Cream - A straw-colored wine with sharp, delicate bouquet. It has a delicate, slightly sweet flavor.

7. Medium - An amber to mahogany colored wine with a delicate bouquet and slight sweet palate.

8. Cream - A sweet, amber mahogany colored wine, made from Oloroso. It has an intense aroma, velvety palate and full body.

9. Moscatel - Sweet and dark mahogany-colored wine, with fruity notes.

10. Pedro Ximenez - A dark mahogany-colored wine with a deep bouquet of raisins. It is smooth and sweet in the mouth. This full, vigorous and perfectly balanced wine is produced from sun-dried Pedro Ximenez grapes.