Sorolla Museum

Joaquin Sorolla lived between 1863 and 1923. He is recognized to have been the greatest impressionist painter of Spain. One of his greatest masterpieces was the series Visions of Spain that is found in the Hispanic Society in New York City. There are 14 paintings in these series, each painting representing one region of Spain, depicting men and women in their regional costumes. He was born in Valencia and became famous as a portrait painter and a painter of landscapes with people by the seashore. His paintings are filled with light and are very beautiful.

In 1910 he built his house and he separated his 3 studios from the family quarters. There are gardens around the house, with fountains. This house is now the Sorolla Museum. When his widow Clotilde Garcia del Castillo died in 1929, she donated the house and many of the paintings that she owned to the Spanish Government so that there could be a museum dedicated to her late husband. A foundation was created to run the museum and this museum opened in 1932. Sorolla’s son Joaquin was the first director of the museum. He died in 1948 and he also donated many paintings he owned to the museum. The second director of the museum was the son of Maria, Francisco Pons Sorolla.



The museum has many paintings done by Sorolla, many of them with big formats, most of them donated by his widow. There are also many sculptures by Sorolla and many ceramics that he collected.



The museum has a storage place where there are about 800 more Sorolla paintings. Every few months, the paintings at the museum are rotated. So if one goes to the museum several months after the first visit, one will see paintings that one has not seen before.



Practical Information:


Paseo General Martínez Campos, 37
Tel. (+34) 913-101-584

Metro: Iglesia or Rubén Darío

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Opening Hours:

Tuesday to Saturday: 9:30 to 15:00 h.

Sundays and holidays: 10:00 to 15:00 h.

Wednesdays: 9:30 to 18:00 h.

Closed: Mondays, Jan. 1, May 1, Dec. 24, 25, 31, and all local holidays.


This is the entrance to the house that Sorolla built and is now part of the museum.


Sorolla designed the garden himself.


The garden has this sculpture which is a copy of one made by Mariano Benlliure.


Another part of the garden.


Sorolla painted his wife Clotilde in 1910.


Sorolla's Self Portrait is dated 1909.


Sorolla painted his three children in 1904.


Swimmers in Javea was painted in 1905.


The Bath of the Horse was painted in 1909.


This is the studio of Sorolla.


Another view of the studio.


Garden of Sorolla's House was painted in 1919.


Fountain and Roses was painted in 1918.