Food is one of the glories of Spain. Every region and province has something different to offer the visitor. On the scale of 1 to 10, Spanish food is a 10!


Fritura Malagueña - Assorted fried fish.


La fabada asturiana - beans slowed cooked with sausage/regional chorizo.

Queso de cabrales - goat cheese wrapped in grape leaves and aged in caves to blue-veined stage. Yummy!!!

Sidra - hard apple cider. Served by holding bottle over head to pour into communal glass held in opposite at hip level.

Casa de Mingo in Madrid serves pollo asado, queso de cabrales, sidra but not the fabada.

Empanada de atún - tuna "pie" .

Pote Asturiano ( similar to Caldo Gallego, but thicker, not soup).

Oricios (sea urchins).

Boroña (thick corn bread mass, baked with chorizo, bacon, etc inside).

Queso La Peral (on of the best spanish cheeses, not very well known though, similar to French camembert, but stronger).

Xarago (snapper), Chorizo a la sidra (cider boiled chorizo).

Fabes con almejas ( beans with clams) or con andaricas ( crab).


El cocido madrileño - Stew served in three courses...1st, soup; 2nd, vegetables including garbanzos, 3rd, meats (mixed).

La tortilla española - potato omelette - but this is typical of all of Spain..even Malaga.


Seafood, Caldo Gallego ( Local vegetable soup, with chorizo, ham, potatoes, etc),

Pulpo (octopus),

Tortilla de Betanzos, (an omelette)

Pimientos de Padrón (small green peppers, with the occational hot onel).

Chuleta (Veal chop).

Percebes! a sort of Barnacle

Empanadas ( pies). Fillings can contain one of the following  "xoubas"(small sardines), pulpo, rajo (pork loin), tunafish, berberechos (cockles), etc.


Queso Picon ( similar to Cabrales).

Sobaos ( milk + butter cakes).

Corbatas (pastries).

Rabas ( squid ...fantastic!).

Cocido montañés.

Basque Country :

This is probably the best region.

Bacalao al pil pil (salt cod + parsley & onion sauce).

Chuleton ( T Bone grilled).

Merluza (Hake).

Chipirones en su tinta (small squid cooked in its own ink).

Pimientos de Guernica (similar to Pimientos de Padron, but not hot, slightly bigger).


Menestra de Verduras (Vegetable stew).

Esparragos de Lodosa (White asparagus, best in Spain).

Pimientos de Piquillo (small Red Peppers, not hot).

Chuletón de Buey (Grilled Ox Chop)( at Ujué).


Perdiz escabechada (Vinegar marinated partridge).

Mazapan (marzipan).

Venado ( stewed Venison).


Morcilla de arroz (rice black pudding).

Lechazo (roast suckling lamb ).


Cochinillo (roast suckling pig) and lechazo.

Judiones de la Granja (large white beans stewed with ham).

Sopa Castellana (Garlic + Paprika + egg + bread + ham soup).


Olives...Judias con Jamon (Small green beans with ham and olive oil). Flamenquines (ground meat, fried breadcrumb).

Game food from Cazorla (Ciervo-Deer, Venado-Venison, Jabali-Wild Boar).

Olive oil ( to take back home).


Botillo ( Pork Paprika Stew with veggies).

Morcilla de Cebolla (onion black pudding).

Chorizo ( Hot chorizo).

Mantecadas de Astorga (Typical biscuits).

Cocido Maragato ( Meat+veggies stew)




All "Iberico" products ( Jamon Serrano, Chorizo, Lomo, Salchichon).


Lechazo ( baby lamb, roast).

Menestra (vegetable stew).

Cangrejos de rio ( river crabs, stew).


Zarajos ( lamb tripes, deep fried).


Paella - saffron rice with many variations.

Arroz a banda - rice with fish.

Fideuá - paella made with small pasta instead of rice.

Horchata - tiger nut milk.

A couple of Spanish soups:

Gazpacho - cold soup of tomatoes, cucumber & peppers.

Ajo Blanco - garlic & almonds.

Sopa de Pescado - fish soup.

Barcelona and the Catalan Country:

Escalivada (with peppers and eggplants )

Esqueixada (tomato, olives, codfish, pepper, onion)

Empedrat (with beans or lentils)


Black rice

Rice "a banda"

"Sarsuela" (assorted fish with sauce)

Codfish "a la llauna"

Codfish with "sanfaina"

Chicken with prawns

Veal with mushrooms

Rabbit with snails

Snails "a la llauna"

Chicken with raisins

"Fideus" (shorts spaghettis) "a la cassola"

Duck with pears

Sausages with beans

"Coca" with escalivada

Spinach with raisins and pine seed

"Mandonguilles" (meet balls) with cuttlefish and peas

"Canalones" or "canalons"

"Escudella Carn d'Olla" (meats and vegetables cooked together, you have the liquid with pasta as soup, later the solid ingredients as main dish)

"Calçotada" (special kind of spring onions with romesco sauce), especially the popular ones celebrated in open air, may be a great experience

"Pa amb tomàquet", to accompany any dish, or as base for ham, local cold meats and sausages, cheese....

Catalan cream (crema catalana),

Sant John's "coca" (coca de sant joan)

Honey and "mató" (a fresh cheese)


"Tortells" (there are a lot of diferents!!)

"Xuxos" (with cream)

Musicians's dessert (with almonds, hazelnuts, raisins , nuts....)