Basic Restaurant Menu Dictionary

Spain has one of the most varied menu repertories in the world because of its history. Every conqueror brought its menu to Spain. When Spain discovered America, its vegetables, such as tomatoes and potatoes, were added to the Spanish menu. This listing of menus is only the basic that one finds in restaurants.

Thanks to Revulgo from Madrid for collaborating on this list.

A. Carnes - Meat Dishes

Albóndigas con tomate - Meat balls in tomato sauce.

Albóndigas en salsa - Meat balls in sauce.

Alcachofas con jamón - Fried artichokes with cured ham.

Alitas de pollo - Fried chicken wings.

Bistec - Steak.

Brocheta de cerdo - Cubes of pork on skewers.

Buey - Beef.

Cabra - Goat.

Cabrito - Kid goat.

Cerdo - Pork.

Cerdo Iberico - Iberian black pig.

Chistorra - Thin spicy cured sausage.

Chorizo - Spanish spicy cured sausage.

Chuletas de cerdo - Pork chops.

Chuletas de cordero - Lamb chops.

Chuletas de ternera - Veal chops.

Cochinillo asado - Roast suckling pig.

Cocido madrileño - Classic Madrid chick pea stew.

Codorniz - Quail.

Conejo - Rabbit.

Croquetas de jamón - Ham croquettes.

Cordero - Lamb.

Cordero al chilindrón - Lamb stew with onions, tomatoes, peppers, garlic and chilies.

Cordero lechal - Suckling lamb.

Cordoniz - Quail.

Costillas - Ribs.

Criadillas - Testicles, beef or lamb

Entrecot de ternera - Premium cut of beef.

Escalope empanado - Breaded thin slice of meat.

Escalopines de ternera - Small veal escalopes.

Estofado - Stew.

Filete - Steak.

Filete de hígado a la plancha - Grilled liver steak.

Filete de pollo - Chicken steak.

Filetes rusos - Fried flattened hamburgers.

Filete de ternera - Beef steak.

Jabalí - Wild boar.

Jamón de york - Cooked ham.

Jamón serrano - Cured ham.

Lacón a la gallega - Pieces of boiled pork leg with sweet paprika and oil.

Lechon - Same as cochinillo.

Lengua guisada - Veal tongue stew.

Liebre estofada - Jugged hare.

Lomo - Pork loin.

Lomo adobado - Marinated loin of pork.

Lomo embuchado - Cured loin of pork.

Magro con tomate - Pork in tomato sauce.

Mollejas de cordero - Fried lamb sweetbreads.

Mollejas de ternera - Calf sweetbreads.

Morcilla - Blood sausage.

Morros de vaca - cows' lips.

Muslo de pollo - Chicken thigh.

Oreja a la plancha - Diced pork ear cooked over a hot iron.

Panceta - Grilled pork belly.

Pato - Duck.

Pavo - Turkey.

Pechuga de pollo - Chicken breast.

Perdiz - Partridge.

Pincho moruno - Pork skewers marinated with garlic and parsley.

Pollo - Chicken.

Pollo al ajillo - Fried chicken with garlic.

Pollo asado - Roast chicken.

Redondo de ternera - Stewed veal roti.

Rosbif - Roast beef.

Salchichas - Frankfurter style sausages.

Salchichón - Spanish salami cold cut sausage.

San Jacobo - Fried breadcrumbed cooked ham with a cheese filling.

Solomillo de cerdo - Pork sirloin steak.

Solomillo de ternera - Sirloin steak.

Ternera - Beef.

Ternera asada - Roast veal.

B. Pescados - Fish Dishes

Abadejo - Cod

Almejas - Clams.

Anchoa - Anchovy.

Anguilas - Eels.

Angula - Baby eel

Arenque - Herring

Atun - Tuna.

Bacaladilla - Blue whiting

Bacalao - Cod.

Bacalao a la riojana - Stewed cod with red pepper in tomato sauce.

Bacalao a la Vizcaína - Cod with ham peppers and chilies.

Bacalao al pil-pil - Cod with chilies and garlic.

Berberechos - Canned cockles.

Besugo - Sea bream.

Bogavante - European lobster.

Bonito - Striped tuna.

Bonito en escabeche - Pickled tuna fish.

Boquerones - Fried anchovies.

Boquerones en vinagre - Anchovies in vinegar.

Caballa - Horse mackerel.

Cabrilla - Prawn.

Calamares - Squid.

Calamares a la romana - Squid rings in batter.

Calamares en su tinta - Squid cooked in their ink.

Calamari - Baby squid.

Camaron - Small prawn.

Cangrejo - Crab.

Carpa - Carp.

Cazón - Dogfish.

Centollo - Spider crab.

Chicharro - Horse mackerel.

Chipiron - Small squid.

Chirlas - Tiny clams.

Chopitos - Whole baby squid.

Cigala - Crayfish.

Cocochas de merluza - Hake.

Cogollos con anchoas - Lettuce hearts with canned anchovies.

Concha - Clam.

Conchas finas - Venus clams.

Congrio - Conger eel.

Coquinas - Cockles.

Dorada - Gilthead seabream.

Empanada gallega - Tuna fish pastry Galician style.

Empanadillas de bonito - Small tuna pastries.

Emperador - Swordfish.

Espetos de sardinas - Sardines grilled on a stick.

Filete de pescado - Fillet of fish.

Gallo - John Dory.

Gambas - Prawns.

Gambas a la plancha - Grilled prawns.

Gambas al ajillo - Prawns cooked in oil and garlic.

Hueva - Roe.

Jurel - Jack fish.

Kokotxas - Pendulums of flesh growing in the throat of hake or cod.

Langosta- Lobster.

Langostinos - Giant prawns.

Lenguado - Sole.

Lenguado a la romana - Battered sole.

Lubina - Sea bass.

Mariscos - Shell fish.

Mejillones - Mussels.

Mejillones al vapor - Steamed mussels.

Melva - type of small tuna.

Mero - Grouper.

Merluza - Hake.

Merluza en salsa verde -Hake in a parsley and wine sauce.

Merluza rebozada - Battered hake.

Mero - Grouper.

Mojama - Dried red tuna.

Navajas a la plancha - Grilled razor shell.

Nécoras - Small seawater crabs.

Ostras - Oysters.

Palometa - Pampano.

Pargo - Snapper.

Percebes - Goose barnacle.

Pescadilla - Whiting fish.

Pescado en adobo - Fried vinegar marinated fish.

Pescaitos fritos - assortment of fish fried in cornmeal or breadcrumbs (Cadiz)

Pez espada - Swordfish.

Pijota - Hake.

Platija - Flounder.

Pulpo - Octopus.

Pulpo a la Gallega - Octopus with boiled potatoes and paprika.

Rape - Angler fish or monkfish.

Rape a la cazuela - Monkfish stew.

Rodaballo - Turbot.

Rosada - Rock cod.

Rubio - Red gunnard.

Salmon - Salmon.

Salmon ahumado - Smoked salmon.

Salmonete - Red flounder.

Salpicón de marisco - Assorted seafood vinaigrette.

Sardina - Sardine.

Sardinas en aceite - Canned sardines in oil.

Sargo - Sea bream.

Sepia - Cuttlefish.

Trucha - Trout.

Trucha a la navarra - Trout stuffed with cured ham.

Vieiras - Scallop shell.


C. Arroz and Paellas - Rice Dishes

Arroz a la cubana - Rice with tomato sauce and fried egg.

Paella Fideus - Paella made with fine pasta instead of rice.

Paella Marisco - Seafood paella made with calamares,prawns, and mussels.

Paella Mixta - Mixture of meat and seafood.

Paella Negra - Seafood cooked in squid ink.

Paella Valenciana - Original paella made from chicken and pork.

Paella Vegetal - Vegetarian paella.

D. Other Dishes

Callos - Tripe.

Callos a la madrileña - Tripe cooked with chilies.

Caracol - Snail.

Entremeses - Hors d'oeuvre.

Fabada - Bean and meat stew of sorts.

Huevos a la flamenca - Fried eggs with ham and tomatoes.

Huevos fritos con patatas - Fried eggs and fries.

Lentejas - Lentils.

Migas - A dish made with leftover bread.

Riñones - Kidneys

Riñones al jerez - Kidneys with sherry

Sesos - Brains.

Sesos a la romana - Fried brains in batter.

E. Soups

Consomé - Consomme.

Gazpacho andaluz - Classic cold tomato soup made with green pepper, cucumber, onion, stale bread, garlic, olive oil and vinegar.

Sopa de ajo - Spicy bread and garlic soup.

Sopa de fideos - Noodle soup.

Sopa de pescado - Fish soup.

Sopa de pollo - Chicken soup.

Sopa de verdura - Vegetable soup.

Sopa Juliana - Consomme julienne with shredded vegetables.

F. Vegetable Dishes

Berenjenas rellenas - Baked stuffed aborigines.

Coliflor al ajillo - Cauliflower with garlic sauce.

Ensalada mixta - Lettuce, tomatoes, tuna fish, onion and olives salad.

Ensaladilla rusa - Vegetable salad with mayonnaise and tuna.

Espárragos con mayonesa - White asparagus with mayonnaise.

Espinacas rehogadas - Steamed spinach.

Guisantes con jamón - Peas with cured ham.

Habas con jamón - Broad beans with cured ham.

Judías verdes - Green beans and potatoes stew.

Menestra de verduras - Vegetable stew.

Patatas ali-oli - Boiled diced potatoes with garlic mayonnaise.

Patatas bravas - Fried diced potatoes with hot paprika and tomato sauce.

Patatas con costillas - Stewed diced potatoes with pork ribs.

Patatas fritas (de bolsa) - Chips.

Patatas fritas (de cocina) - Fries.

Pimiento morrón - Canned red pepper.

Pimientos asados - Baked red peppers.

Pimientos de Padrón - Green chili peppers.

Pimientos del piquillo rellenos de carne - Small red peppers stuffed with meat.

Pimientos fritos - Fried green peppers.

Pisto - Ratatouille.

Revuelto de trigueros - Scrambled egg with wild asparagus.

Tortilla española - Omelet with potato and onion.

Tortilla francesa - Plain omelet.

Tortilla paisana - Vegetables omelet.

G. Pasta

Espaguetis - Spaghetti with tomato sauce.

Macarrones - Spanish style pasta.

H. Other Food Terms

Acelgas rehogadas - Steamed swiss chard.

Ajo - Garlic.

Albahaca - Basil.

Alcaparras - Capers.

Ali-Oli - Garlic mayonnaise.

Alubias rojas - Kidney beans.

Apio - Celery.

Arroz con leche - Sweet rice, milk and cinnamon pudding.

Béchamel - White sauce.

Berro - Watercress.

Brécol - Broccoli.

Calabacín - Courgette.

Calabaza - Pumpkin.

Caldo de carne - Meat stock.

Caldo de pescado - Fish stock.

Castaña - Chesnut.

Cebolla - Onion.

Cebolla pochada - Fried onion until soft.

Cebolleta - Shallot.

Champiñones - Mushrooms.

Clara de huevo - Egg white.

Coles de Brussels - Brussel sprouts.

Comino - Cumin.

Cuscurro - Crouton.

Endibias - Endives.

Escalfado - Poached.

Flan - Caramel custard.

Fresas con nata - Strawberries with whipped cream.

Guarnición - Garnish.

Hierbabuena - Mint.

Hinojo - Fennel.

Huevo duro - Hard boiled egg.

Laurel - Bayleaf.

Mantequilla - Butter.

Manzanilla - Camomile (also a type of dry sherry)

Mayonesa - Mayonnaise.

Menta - Mint.

Miel - Honey.

Natillas - Cold custard.

Palomitas de maíz - Popcorn.

Pepinillos - Gherkins.

Perejil - Parsley.

Pimienta blanca - White pepper.

Pimienta negra - Black pepper.

Piña - Pineapple.

Plátano - Banana.

Puerros - Leeks.

Puré de patatas - Potato purée.

Queso - Cheese.

Remolacha - Beetroot.

Romero - Rosemary.

Sal - Salt.

Salsa rosa - Cocktail sauce.

Salsa verde - Parsley sauce.

Sidra con gas - Fizzy apple cider.

Sidra natural - Apple cider.

Tallarines - Noodles.

Torrija - Slice of bread soaked in milk, coated in egg, fried and sugared.

Vinagreta - Vinaigrette.

Yema de huevo - Egg yolk.

Zanahoria - Carrot.