Turron - Spain’s Christmas Candy

During Christmas time, the Spanish traditionally eat turron, which is a nougat that is cooked with honey, toasted almonds that are peeled, and egg whites. Turron has Moorish origins of the middle ages, but it has been made in the same way for centuries. Now it has been industrialized. The nougat is formed in rectangular or round tablets. The province of Alicante is famous for its production of turron, especially the town of Jijona. If the turron has 65% almonds, then it is classified as “supremo”. If it has 72%, it is classified as artesan.

Usually the turron is hard or soft. There are many variations now including turron made with chocolate. The chocolate turron may also have different flavors, such as truffles, whiskey and other liquors.

During Christmas, turron is a common gift given to friends and family. After Christmas, the product disappears from stores. However it can be found year round in the supermarkets of El Corte Ingles.

Much turron is exported to South America, England, and Germany.