Palace of Cibeles 

The Palace of Cibeles is located at the Plaza de Cibeles. It used to be called Correos or the Palacio de Comunicaciones before that because the Post Office was located in that building. However since 2011 it is now called the Palacio de Cibeles (Palace of Cibeles) or Ayuntamiento (City Hall). The building has a place for cultural events and is called CentroCentro. 

The architects of the old building were Antonio Palacios and Joaquin Otamendi and the construction started in 1907. The architectural style was a mixture of Neo-plateresque and baroque, considered modernist at that time. The decorative elements of the façade and interior were designed by the sculptor Angel Garcia Diaz. The building was declared a monument of cultural interest in 1993. The post office is no longer in the building and the City Hall uses all of the building now. There is a rooftop restaurant with good views of the city.