Day Trip to Siguenza 

The town of Siguenza is located north of Madrid and in the Province of Guadalajara. The population of the town is only about 4800. The town was occupied from the 5th century BC. The town is very clean and its houses are made of stone. The town is completely walkable as it is a small town and it is worth seeing because it is beautiful and unique. Its Cathedral and Castle are the main things to see.


Typical architecture.


Typical architecture. 


Church of Santiago.


Casa del Doncel.


Church of San Vicente.


Transportation – One can take the train from Madrid, which takes about an hour and a half. Read Buying Renfe Tickets Online. The R. Express 17050 leaves at 8:17 from the Chamartin Station and arrives in Siguenza at 9:50. To return to Madrid one can take the R. Express 17501 at 16:07 and arrive at Madrid at 17:37, or take the next train T.R.D. 17309 that leaves at 18:50 and arrives at Madrid at 20:16. The round trip costs about 21 euros only.  

When you arrive at the train station, it is a 5-10 minute walk to the tourist office, located across from the Cathedral at Calle Serrano Sanz, 9. You can get a map of the town here.


1. Cathedral 

Here is an article in Trip Advisor about the Cathedral:



The façade of the Cathedral.


The sculpture of the Doncel is one of Spain's most famous and romantic Gothic sculptures.  


2. Plaza Mayor



3. Siguenza Castle 

The Siguenza Castle is also the parador of the city. One may want to stay overnight there.




4. Diocesan Museum

The Diocesan Museum is one of the best religious art museums in Spain, with many important works of art.



5. Lunch 

There are two good places to have lunch in Siguenza: 

a. Parador



b. Restaurante Calle Mayor 

Calle Mayor, 21 

Tel: 949-391-748 

Restaurante Calle Mayor is a big and beautiful restaurant, and probably the most sophisticated restaurant in the town. It is beautifully decorated with art work on the walls. The tables have special tablecloths with designs and the tables have small vases with fresh flowers. There is soft classical music that plays in the background. The menu of the day is very good and costs only 15 euros. The quality of the food and its presentation is wonderful. The menu of the day includes a very good dessert and a glass of wine or beer. The service is very friendly and professional.



6. Return to Madrid 

At the Renfe Station, you will have to cross the tracks to get the train back to Madrid. There is an underground passage to do this.


Renfe Train Station.