Since January, 2014, there is a flat taxi fare from or to the airport, which is 30 euros. This applies going from the airport to the M-30 loop or from the M-30 loop to the airport.  No add-ons are permitted for the taxi, such as an extra charge for luggage. When getting into a taxi, tell the driver that you will need a receipt, which many business travelers ask for. This will keep the taxi driver honest, because if the taxi driver charges more than the 30 euros, one can denounce him to the authorities and he may lose his license.  

This regulation has been made by the Madrid City Hall. The M-30 is a motorway that circles the central districts of Madrid.

Pick-ups and drop-offs outside of the M-30 will be charged a minimum of 20 Euros.

The main page for taxi fares in Madrid is the following: , if you have any difficult to read in Spanish you can try with Google Translator.


Taxis in Madrid are white with a diagonal red band on their front door bearing the emblem of the city. Available taxis have a green LIBRE sign in the windshield and a green light on top. The 'fare' number of either 1, 2 or 3 will be shown next to this light. To hail a taxi all you only need to do is to raise your hand.
There are also several taxi ranks around the city, indicated by a blue sign with a white letter ‘T’. At railway and bus stations and at the airport taxis must be taken from the corresponding ranks. Throughout the rest of the city they can easily be stopped in the street.
There are more than 15,600 taxis in Madrid, so it is not usually difficult to find one available in the city’s main thoroughfares. Journeys are usually paid for in cash, and most of the taxis in Madrid do not accept credit cards, and they only carry change for payments up to €50.


The above  taxi fares have been in force since JAN; 2015:

  • Fare 1 (from Mon to Fri, 07:00 to 21:00) - Call fee 2,40€ - 1,05 € per kilometer - Hourly wait 20,50€
  • Fare 2 (from Mon to Fri, 21:00 to 07:00, week ends and holidays) - Call fee 2,90€ - 1,20 € per kilometer - Hourly wait 20,50€
  • Airport to city - 30 € (minimum fare 20€)


  • 3 € for services starting from or arriving to railways stations (Atocha, Chamartin) and bus stations (Méndez Álvaro and Avenida de América)
  • 3 € for services starting from or arriving to the ferial venue (IFEMA)
  • 6,7 € for services on 25 of Decembre and 1 of January (starting or arriving from 21:00 to 7:00)
  • 1 € for each additional passenger starting form 5
  • 5,5€ Airport surcharge if flat fare to airport / from airport is not applicable (for instance for services from airport to another city)



  • Ask for a receipt (in Spanish "un recibo por favor") if you feel the charge is too high - the driver is obligated to give you one showing NIF (tax code), amount, date, licence number, plate, or a printed receipt. The receipt will be also useful in case of you have accidentally left a personal belonging in the taxi.
  • Choice of route.
  • Change for payment up to €20.
  • Air conditioning on summer.
  • Adjustment of radio volume.
  • A zero fare will be applied in case of incidents, and on return journeys to the perimeter area.
  • VAT is included in all fares.


Office at Paseo del Molino 7. Subway: Legazpi. Phone: +34 915 279 590


There are several private companies that can be called to order a taxi. You should bear in mind that in these cases the taxi meter starts running at the point where the taxi driver is when (s)he picks up the call.

  • Radio Teléfono Taxi / Euro Taxi (adapted for disabled persons): (+34) 91 547 82 00 / (+34) 91 547 85 00 / (+34) 91 547 86 00
  • Radio-Taxi Asociación Gremial: (+34) 91 447 51 80 / (+34) 91 447 32 32
  • Radio-Taxi Independiente: (+34) 91 405 12 13 / (+34) 91 405 55 00
  • Teletaxi: (+34) 91 371 21 31 / (+34) 91 371 37 11 / (+34) 630 907 990


You can book a Premium Mercedes taxi at the following companies:

  • Taxi Mercedes (+34) 91 593 20 20
  • Taxi MB (+34) 91 112 45 60
  • Taxi Business Madrid (+34) 91 405 88 28

or you can book online at myDriver,  BookTaxiMadrid or FirstClassTaxis site. These companies also provide Meet & Greet services at Madrid Airport.