Vigo is a location with an interesting history ( and culture (   One of the best ways of learning about this part of Vigo is to spend some time in the art and history museums which help to explain the past through modern exhibits.  Some of the museums in Vigo which visitors might want to see include:

  • Casa des Palabras - This is a museum devoted to the literary world which will be of interest to all visitors interested in reading and linguistics.
  • Casa Galega de Cultura ( offers art and literary exhibits.
  • Casa Museo a Solaina de Pilono ( – This is an art museum housed in a historic home.
  • Museo de Arte Contemporanea – This contemporary art museum is an excellent place to see modern art from local artists.
  • Museo Etnografico Liste ( – This four story house holds exhibits offering information about the people who have lived throughout the area.
  • Museo Municipal – This is an art museum known for having the largest collection of paintings in all of Galicia .
  • Museum do Mar de Galicia ( – This archaeological museum helps to explain the history of the fishing industry and its importance to the development of Vigo in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.