The temperate, Mediterranean climate of Sitges makes a trip doable almost year-round, with sunshine and crisp, blue skies most of the time. With mountains behind it and the Gulf of Garraff in front, it has its own, exclusive climate at times, meaning that, even if it's raining in Barcelona, little sister city Sitges is nice and dry.

It can get unbearably hot in the height of the summer season, though, especially during July and August. Even with all that refreshing water around, visitors to Sitges during this time may wish they'd planned better, and may head inland where the temperatures decrease by a few degrees.

Late Spring and early Autumn are the overall best times to visit. The weather is tamer, and occasional, cooling rainshowers are more likely. Summer may also bring intermitent heavy showers of warm rain, but it's doubtful anyone will complain. Humidity usually reaches  around 60-69%.

Winter can be an ideal time to visit Sitges. The weather is milder, the tourists are fewer, and the beaches are way less crowded. Because of all this, shopping, dining, and museum-hopping are all a little more enjoyable. One thing to note, however, is the fact that, in November, many business establishments close for about three weeks. This is their time for a vacation.