Museu de Les Arts Decoratives

The Museu de Les Arts Decoratives is located at the Palau de Pedralbes, at Avinguda Diagonal, 686. However the museum will move soon to a newer building that will have better air conditioning and other facilities that are required for a modern museum. Best to check its web page.

This museum shows the evolution of the decorative arts in chronological order, starting from the Romanesque period of art. The objects of this period are two caskets made of ivory from Andalusia from the 13th century, showing the interaction of cultures existing at that time in the Iberian peninsula. From the Gothic age comes a casket of wood with panels with gold inlays. There are two chests of brides with gold designs and polychrome decoration. There is also a silver censer from Spanish origin. For the Renaissance period, there are two writing desks made with marquetry, with a Catalan origin. For the Baroque period, one can see a bed, chest, a wardrobe, and chair. For the Rococo period, one can see an elaborately carved mirror, decorated crystal glass, a table clock, and a comode. For the Neoclassic period, one can see a harp, a beautiful fan, console with mirror, a commode with marquetry, and silver earrings with diamonds. The Neoclassic Imperial period refers to the time period when Napoleon was the ruler of France. There is a bed in the form of a boat made from mahogany that is elaborately decorated with gilt decorations using forms of acanthus leaves and horns of plenty. There is also a beautiful porcelain jar and a gilded bronze table clock with the figure of a sheep herder playing the flute.

For the Romantic period one can find a chair upholstered with green damask fabric, a console with a Rococo mirror, an elaborate folding fan from China, and a bracelet made of ivory with elaborate carving. The Historic Romantic period took place at the end of the 19th century. There is a cup made from a nautilus shell, a Neo-gothic bench that came from the Casa Lleo Morera, a Neo-rococo candelabra and a Neo-Egyptian jar made of metal, and an enameled plate. The Modernist period arrived at the last decade of the 19th century. For this period there is a night table and bed decorated with marquetry made by Gaspar Homar, two gilded silver chalices, and two glass jars with vegetal decoration from Emile Galle. Then came the Novecentismo and Art Deco period. There are enameled glass objects, chairs and a dressing table, and a folding screen. The last area is dedicated to industrial design that occurred between 1930 and 1990, with many pieces of furniture like chairs, chaise lounges, lamps, and other things for the home and office.