Cap de Cavalliera

Most northern location on the island. This is a lovely spot with a great beach. Access is from the minor road between Es Mercadel and Fornells and then along a good road north which takes you as far as the lighthouse. Walk around the cliffs at the lighthouse and, visit the Roman ruins, build your own personal cairn to add to the hundreds already created. Visit the small museum and have a drink or coffee in the shade of the pine trees with the cicadas chirping all around. Idyllic.


Cala Pilar

Secluded beach. Accessed from a secondary road then a track off the main road west of Ferreries. There is a small car park from where you take a 35 minute walk over a wooded hillside with lovely views. A very secluded spot with no facilities but surprisingly popular. Get there before 10am for that Robinson Crusoe experience. The red earth is used to make mud to smear on the skin which is very therapeutic and a mild exfoliant. It does stain clothing so take an old cozy if you are shy.


Cala Pregonda

The best beach in the north of the island. Vehicle access is from the minor road between Es Mercadel and Fornells and then along a wide but rough stony unpaved road to Binamel La (a reasonable beach with toilet facilities) park your car there but be careful not to get it stuck in the sandy areas of the car park. Take the path to Cala Pregonda (about 20 minutes walk). Lovely views. You can swim or snorkel around the island off-shore. Popular but seldom crowded.


Cala Macarella/Cala Macaretta

Idyllic beaches. Probably the best beaches on the south of the island. You can drive there from the Cuitadella ring road but the single track road down to the car park is a bit of an ordeal. Try parking at Santa Galdana and taking the path from there, 25 minutes on a good woodland path. Macarella has a bar and some facilities and can get busy. Macaretta is about 10 mins further and the track involves a little bit of scrambling. However it is a lot quieter with the option to bare all if you dare! It is an easy swim between the two bays, particularly if you are wearing a snorkel - lots of fish to see in the crystal clear water.


Cala Trebaluger
Another excellent beach on the south coast and a fair trek through pine woodland, Park at Cala Mitjana car park near Santa Galdana. Cala Mitjana is an excellent beach but gets very crowded. Find the start of the park to Trebaluger The route is marked with green painted stones but you may have to get one of the car parking attendants to point it out. The path is very rough and overgrown to begin with and a little bit of a scramble down to the beach but most of the way it is pretty good. The beach itself is a pine clad inlet with turquoise water at the end of a wooded gorge. Very quiet, if not deserted first thing in the morning but some boat tours will off-load their passengers there late morning so go early.