Fishing in Ibiza

Many holidaymakers coming to Ibiza have seen pictures on the internet of enormous Tuna and Swordfish not realising many of these photos were taken over a decade ago,the Mediterranean Sea around Ibiza is no different to any other sea or ocean of the world and has been and is still being raped by commercial fishing concerns who seem to have no regard for the future.

Thats the bad news, the good news is that there is still a lot of good fun to be had fishing here in Ibiza whether from the shore or afloat in a boat.Many English holidaymakers coming to the island are freshwater anglers and therefore the nearest comparison I can make is firstly,think of the Mediterranean Sea as a very large lake and as with most lakes trying fishing around the coastline using for bait meat,bread,sweet corn or squid the fish you will encounter will remind you of Perch and Bream and will be similar in size to what you normally catch back home,above all it is fun just do not expect six foot Barracuda or nine hundred pound Tuna,if you are looking for fish of this description don`t come to Ibiza on a fishing holiday.