Ibiza is the third largest of the Balearic Islands, and is about 2 hours flight time from most major European cities.

Ibiza(and the other Balearics) used to joined to mainland Spain, but rising sea levels left them as the islands known now. The history of Ibiza is punctuated by invasions from just about every European, Middle Eastern and African power you can name. Everyone had a turn, and the Islanders got used to defending themselves.  Many of the towns were fortified  (and still are), and the word "balearic" comes from the Greek for "slingshot".   This was the locals preferred method of attack or defense, and they were very proficient with this particular weapon.

A few years ago the Ibizan people choose to use their Catalan based language, called Eivvisenc, again in all official documents and place names. This was forbidden since Franco ruled over Spain. So Ibiza is called Eivissa again.



As you would imagine from the history of this island, there are examples of African, European and Middle Eastern influences . There was a strong Moorish culture in the middle ages, and subsequently Muslims and Christians all left their mark.  There are still examples af Arabic influences in the more remote part of the Islands.    In the latter part of the last century, Ibiza’s popularity as a tourist destination grew rapidly,  with well-to-do Germans and British investing in real estate.  Ibiza is a wealthy island, and property prices are very high relative to neighbouring Spain.  In the 1960’s, Ibiza became popular with what were then termed "drop-outs", and has a strong "hippy" influence. Many of the Hippy Markets still exist, as do some of the original Hippies. Many retain their long hair (but in various shades of grey!) . Eivissa, Ses Salines and Sa Caleta became a UN World Heritage Site, what says enough of the beauty you can find on this small island with its great past. 


      A Clubbers Paradise?

The Island is probably best known (and not always favourably) as a Mecca for Clubbers.  The club scene is still strong, but other destinations (Cyprus in particular) have lured many away.  The larger clubs (Space, ManuMission ) manage to pack in 12,000 or more people when the "big name" DJ’s like Carl Cox or Judge Jules are in Town, and Ibiza will always be the birthplace of Chillout and Ministry of Sound  music.  The main clubbing areas - Sant Antoni and Eivissa Town cater well for clubbers of all ages (and there is a surprisingly large age range!) .

Be aware that this is not the real Eivissa but a carefully managed commercial company.


       Holiday in Eivissa - You must be joking!


This is the initial reaction of many people - especially those with families, who have either seen or heard horror stories about the clubbers and alledgedly yobbish behaviour.  This is a very unfair reflection on what is still a beautiful island.  The clubs are few and are concentrated in two main areas.  The rest of the Island remains unspoilt by either over-development or clubbing influences.  For families, Santa Eularia and neighbouring Cala LLonga are hidden jewels that really are worth visiting.  Santa Eularia in particular boasts one the best selection of restaurants in the meditteranean and there is not a club anywhere in sight.  Check out the Trip Advisor's reviews for these locations.


      General Amenities


Ibiza is services by a very modern airport.  It’s size means that getting about is easy, and Taxi’s are  good value.  There are a number of wonderful beaches, and most cater well for virtually every need, from bars to water sports.  Hotels are in abundance, but there are also a great many apartments or Villas for rental.   Many of these are German owned, and the standards of cleanliness and service are generally high.  English and German are widely spoken, and there are plenty of banks and tourist offices in the main towns.   If you are into sailing, there are many harbours dotted around the Island, and most make for a pleasant visit (and there are some jaw-dropping boats to admire).


So, give Ibiza serious consideration if you are looking for a pleasant and easy short break - you will certainly be surprised, and may even be delighted.