Parking in downtown Seville is a problem.  This guide will make it easier for the visitor to find parking.

1. Puerta de Jerez

2. Calle Adriano (near bullring)

3. Avenida de Menendez Pelayo, corner of Calle Santa Maria la Blanca

4. Albareda

5. Calle Guzman El Bueno, corner Calle Abades

6. Calle Zaragoza, near Plaza Nueva

7. Calle Jaen

8. Plaza de la Magdalena

Parking Downtown:

The best option would be to park in:

Santa Cruz area:


Entrance: Avda. Menendez Pelayo

Price: 1,45 € /hour 17,30 € /24 hrs

Parking places: 351

This parking is convenient for visiting the Barrio Santa Cruz. On the left you can see the Jardines de Murillo park. Behind and further to the left are the Alcazar gardens.

Arenal area:


Entrance: Paseo de Cristóbal Colón

Price: 1,31 € /hour 13,05 € /24 hrs

Parking places: 700

Parking located on the Avenue which runs along the river. On the left and across the river is the Triana neigborhood. In the background is the Triana bridge and to the right is El Arenal neigborhood.

 Map to parking: