The culture of Granada is extremely unique, even for Spain, because throughout the centuries there has been dramatic diversification taking place. The roots of the culture are based from Latin ancestors and Roman rulers. The Spanish language is a descendant of Latin, and because of this it is similar to other languages like Portugese, French, and English. Granada's culture is slightly different than that of northern Spain. History buffs will recall that when the Arabs were driving west during the crusades they stopped in Spain. They didn't just pick up and leave. The Arabs stayed in Spain for centuries and there are still signs of their influence all throughout the city of Granada. Granadas layout, not only structurally and architecturally, but also socially has signs of Moorish influence and Arab ancestry. This allows for a very unique art class and society to exist in the city. There are literally tons of galleries and displays of the different types of cultures that have mixed in the city throughout the years. There are theaters that host a number of plays, many of which range from classical Spanish dramas to modern comedies.