Ermita de San Sebastian 

The Ermita de San Sebastian is located at Calle Ribera del Violón, s/n. It was constructed in 1218 when Granada was under the rule of the Almohade Dynasty. It was a hermitage used for spiritual retreats used by the Moors, and for that reason it is of architectural interest, being the only building of this kind that still exists in Spain. That is why it was declared a National Historic Monument in 1931. On Jan. 2, 1492, it was by this building that Boabdil gave the key of the city of Granada to the Catholic Kings. Beside it the Catholics celebrated the first mass after eight centuries of Moorish domination. The building was conserved because it was used as a chapel dedicated to the Saints Fabian and Sebastian. The building has a square shape and has a cupola made of brick. The exterior is simple. It has an alfiz, an Islamic Arab architectonic adornment, consisting of a molding, usually a rectangular panel, which encloses the outward side of an arch.  There is a small bell tower. The original interior has been lost because of restorations in 1615, 1933 and 1953. It is thought that it had Mudejar paintings.



Sunday – 10:30h.