What is the best way to get from Mijas to Seville by car?  A fast route is to take the N340/A7 towards Malaga and then take the northbound N331 towards Antequera.  At that point, pick up the new motorway all the way to Seville.  The whole journey by car can take under 2.5 hours (and without breaking the speed limit). A good tip is to leave as early as you can to avoid rush hour. When you arrive in Seville, park near the Maria Louisa Park to the south of the city, and take a horse carriage ride around the park and the cathedral area for about 30 euros for the whole trip (takes 4 people).

If you want to avoid the stress of driving, consider taking a train from Malaga.  Earliest departure is 0745 (7:45am) and takes about 2.5 hours to arrive in Seville.  If you are going for the day, the last train back is at 2010 hours (8:10pm).  The cost is  €16.05 each way. Obviously, taking the train is a bit more expensive than car travel (when you include the taxi from Mijas to Malaga), but a lot less stressful than driving for several hours.

Please  be aware that summer temps in Seville are always over 40 degrees and it very , very hot.

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