Parking Guide - Costa del Sol

Parking in most of the cities in the Costa del Sol is a problem. This guide will make it easier for the visitor to find parking.


1. Calle Diego Ponce.

2. Calle Santisima Trinidad.

3. Street parking near the bullring.


1. There is underground and surface parking at Puerto Marina.


1. Plaza de la Constitucion - 391 spaces.

2. Plaza de España - Avenida Condes de San isidro/ Plaza España - 343 spaces.

3. Plaza San Rafael - 116 spaces.

4. Lopez Yebra - Paseo Maritimo Rey de España (beside Hotel PYR) - 481 spaces.

5. Street parking on the paseo maritimo with parking meters.


1. Plaza de la Marina - Plaza de la Marina, 4 - 450 spaces.

2. Andalusia - Avenida de Andalucia, 4 (In front of El Corte Ingles) - 621 spaces.

3. Alcazaba - Plaza de la Alcazaba, 3 - 532 spaces.

4. San Juan de la Cruz - Plaza de San Juan de la Cruz, 1 (Access at Compositor Lehmberg)- 702 spaces.

5. Cervantes - Calle Cervantes (Plaza de Toros - Malagueta) - 436 spaces.

6. Camas - Calle Camas - 458 spaces.


1. Downtown - Avenida Arias de Maldonado.

2. Downtown - Avenida Puerta del Mar.

3. Puerto Banus - Avenida de Ribera.

4. Puerto Banus - El Corte Ingles during store hours, Monday-Saturday.


1. Calle Virgen de la Peña - There is a 10 story parking building with about 400 spaces. Elevators bring you up to the Plaza Virgen de la Peña, where there is a tourist office.


1. Huertos de Carabeo - This is a very large parking place. From the main highway, follow the signs to the parador. The parador is off the street Rodriguez Acosta. Follow the road all the way towards the beach. At the end turn right to find the parking lot. Tariffs displayed on website...

2. Calle La Cruz - Beside the Ayuntamiento (Town Hall) - Costs 15€ per day.


1. Beside the Plaza de la Merced.

2. Beside the bullring => there used to be some parking space beside the bullring but this does no longer exist. There are three other choices quoted on points 4, 5 & 6.

3. Plaza del Socorro.

4. Beside the Town Hall, in the old quarters of the city (open parking, i.e. not covered)

5. Parking Martinez Astein, underground parking, excellent facilities. Located at the junction of Avenida de Malaga & Avenida Martinez Astein (website

6. Free open parking - gets full very quickly. Located between Calle San Jose, Calle Comandante Salvador Carrasco & Calle Lauría.

San Pedro Alcantara

1. Plaza de la Iglesia.

Torre del Mar

1. Paseo maritimo street parking - free.


1. Plaza de Andalusia - Near downtown - 800 spaces.

2. Playa del Bajondillo - Free street parking on the paseo maritimo.


Park in the right spot !

Beware of parking in the wrong spot. Check with the local police to be sure the spot is legal since regulations may vary from town to town. An erros is costly. You will be towed within 10 minutes and it will easily exceed 200 Euros for tourists (non-residents), eg. a fine of 110 Euros + towing cost of 100 Euros.

Since the authorities are afraid tourists won't pay the fine once back in their country they tow right away. A bit exaggerated (understatement .. ) given that most tourists rent cars with a deposit on it anyways, and the full identity could be acquired easily. It seems like this kind of radical overbearing punishment for newbies to the region is rather a simplistic method to maintain a government bureaucracy.