Tourists to Costa del Sol who arrive by airplane can fly a commercial airline into one of six large airports or one of many small airports in the vicinity which handle only small types of aircraft. One of the most popular airports that tourists use is the Malaga Airport, and the others are: Seville“ San Pablo Airport, Jerez Airport, Cordoba Airport, Almeria Airport, Gibraltar Airport, and Granada Airport.

About one million people who travel to Costa del Sol each year fly through the Malaga Airport. One of the reasons that this airport is one of the most popular for tourists is that its location is convenient to all of the roads taken to access the tourist areas.

Malaga airport is large, but the country of Spain is planning to expand it even more. The proposed expansion is due to the fact that so many tourists travel through this airport every year. In addition to extra space within the airport facility, the airport is also planning to add another runway so that more planes can be accommodated for arrivals and departures.

The airport is quite modern in that it has several decent places to eat, easy to access Internet terminals for anyone needing to check their e-mail while in the airport, and there is even an area where kids can play while waiting for a flight.

Just for your information the Renfe train system is a fraction of the cost of a taxi.