TRIP ADVISOR – HERTZ MALLORCA To all travellers to Mallorca, this is a warning for those who are considering renting from Hertz Rent-A-Car at Palma de Mallorca Airport. The customer is asked to sign his/her agreement to the condition of the car even PRIOR to inspecting it. The car is collected in a dimly-lit garage in the airport and there is no opportunity to conduct a proper inspection of the car with an attendant to agree the pre-existing condition of the car. Moreover, the tear sheet of pre-existing damage to the car is impossible to read even in good light. We failed to inspect the inside rim of the front passenger car door only realizing that there was damage when it rained a couple of days later. Trying to be helpful to other renters, we alerted Hertz of pre-existing damage and were subsequently charged for this damage. So ensure that you have a thorough inspection with the attendant in a well-lit area (this will be a challenge) and consider purchasing the additional excess insurance. Better yet, we strongly suggest that you rent from another company!