Shopping in Mainz begins in the historic old town area (Altstadt), as the hundreds of stores housed here, specializing in works of all sorts—from candles to handicrafts to wines and chocolates—make for excellent places to pick up quality gifts at affordable prices.

The farmer's market (Wochenmarkt) takes place every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday next to the cathedral and sports some of the best produce, cheeses, sausages and other meats, fish, honey and spices to be found in the region. Liebfrauenplatz in front of the Gutenberg-museum is the most lively area of the market on Saturdays as this is where all the butchers have their stands selling warm Fleischwurst (pork sausage) with a bun and where the city’s vintners serve wine by the glass from March till late October. Every true Mainzer will happily enjoy “Weck, Worscht un’ Woi” (bun, sausage and wine) at any given time of day. The Market thus makes for a great place to pick up lunch and is a tourist site in its own right and as such a most worthwhile visit.

In addition to this market, there are farmer’s markets in the neighborhoods of Bretzenheim, Gonsenheim, Hartenberg, Munchfeld, Neustadt, and Weisenau and also on other squares in the old town.

Big brand fashion retailers like Peek & Cloppenburg, H&M, Esprit or Zara can be found at Am Brand, a large complex of stores, offices and apartments on the former site of a medieval department store between the market square and the modern city hall near the banks of the Rhine. Other fix-points for shoppesr are the department stores Kaufhof and Karstadt and the Römerpassage arcade which features an excavated Roman temple in the basement. 

Almost all of the city's main shopping area is a car-free pedestrian zone. Buses and taxis run down Ludwigstrasse towards Schillerplatz and on to Hauptbahnhof (central station) making it easy to get around in the city's center.

For a comprehensive shopping guide check the city's official website.