Like most cities in Germany, Koblenz has an excellent public transportation system, quite impressive when you also consider the fact that the city is on the small side geographically and population-wise.  Among the public transport options available in Koblenz are its buses.  The public bus system in Koblenz is known for being very efficient and almost always on time.  The buses are clean and well maintained.  See the KEVAG website for more information on bus schedules, fares, maps and purchasing passes online (in German).

Train service is also available in Koblenz.  The city's central station is located along a bus route, making getting there easy for those who may not have a car.  Taxi service to the station is also available.  Train schedules, fare information and station locations are available at the Die Bahn website (in English).  Visitors will also find train tickets available for sale at many shops and hotels along with up-to-date train schedules.