Germany has one of the best transportation systems in the entire world, and Dortmund is no exception! The infrastructure for human travel in Dortmund allows people to get where they need to go in a quick and efficient manner. The most popular modes of transportation are airplane, vehicle, train, tram, bus, underground subway, and suspension rail. For those who choose to travel by car, the city also has a good number of parking spaces.

By car, a tourist can easily find the route to just about anywhere in Germany . Most of the region’s highways intersect near Dortmund , so it’s easy to get going in the right direction without having to go too far out of the way.

The public transportation system in Dortmund consists of many different types of vehicles (trains, trams, busses, etc…) and tourists can purchase one “combination” ticket and ride on any number of them to reach a destination.

Renting a car to get around Dortmund is a good idea because a rental car can be very convenient for tourists. It is easy to rent a car from the airport, but there are also places to rent cars in the city.

Because of the excellent public transportation system in Dortmund , any mode of transportation can be used to explore the immediate vicinity as well as the surrounding parks and attractions.

If you are in need of a taxi however, they are available 24/7.