There is a very through website dedicated to tourism in Dortmund , located at The site is available in German and English, and it contains very useful information for people planning a trip to Dortmund for either a business trip or a personal vacation.

The website can be used to find out more about Dortmund ’s history, where the most popular tourist destinations are located, and how to get around the city using the public transportation system. Most of the pages on the website are available in English, but there are a few that are only available in German.

The country of Germany also hosts a tourism website that contains information about all of the cities in the country which are popular tourist destinations. The site does have a section dedicated to Dortmund and some of the topics covered are shopping, food, events, and information about traveling to the city.

There is another website located at that is dedicated to promoting the country of Germany to potential visitors. There is information about Dortmund present on this website.

For general information about Germany and its largest cities, visit This website has a tourist guide and is filled with information about cultural events.