The entire country of Germany, including the city of Dortmund, is considered to be modern and developed. While most of the residents speak German, many also speak several other languages including English. Tourists who only speak English need not worry about being able to communicate with the locals. Since Dortmund is a large city, there is sure to be someone who can translate English to German.

In terms of safety, Germany does not pose a huge risk to tourists. However, there have been cases of tourists - especially Americans - being harassed by German residents. Violent crimes in Dortmund are rare, but petty crimes - such as pick pocketing and purse snatchings are not uncommon. Tourists who remain smart and protect their wallets and purses should not be victims of such crimes.

In case of a medical emergency while in Dortmund, tourists have access to the hospitals and medical facilities in the city. Any tourist wanting to come to Dortmund completely prepared for an emergency should check with their personal health insurance company prior to the trip to determine what types of services are covered. Most of the hospitals in Germany insist that tourists pay upfront for the medical care they receive. Most hospitals and doctors accept cash only - no credit cards.