Most people who visit the town of Wiesbaden do so to relax and have an enjoyable experience. For many, that includes participating in some sort of outdoor activity or sport. When the weather in Wiesbaden is nice, most people flock to the outdoors to enjoy the weather and also to get some exercise.

There is a wonderful swimming pool in Wiesbaden that can be utilized by the public any day of the week from May through September. The pool has a number of features including excellent views of trees and foliage, heated water, a sauna, lounge chairs, and a “happy hour.”

Tennis is a popular outdoor activity in Wiesbaden . There are some courts that can be utilized by tourists for a fee. Reservations are usually required and hotels should be able to help their guests with this.

Visitors who like to pay golf can do so in Wiesbaden . There are a few golf courses that can be used by the public. Some of the golf courses have 9 holes, some have 18 holes, and at least one has a 36 hole course. There are also places to play miniature golf, so that all members of the family can enjoy a day on the golf course together.