Garmisch Partenkirchen presents a backdrop of gorgeous mountains, sits at the foot of Germany's largest mountain, and boasts fresh and clean air quality that is "allergen free" because of its elevation. Not only is this city a dream haven for skiers and snowboarders but it has healing spas that people travel to from all parts of the world. It held the 1936 Winter Olympics as well so you can see that the city was prepared even then for major sporting activities. Hiking through these mountains in the summer and skiing them in the winter is about the best you can ask for. In fact, it is known as Germany's "winter sports capital".

Skiing in this beautiful area is nothing short of ideal. Fresh powder, varied difficulty levels with the runs, and gorgeous scenery. You can check TripAdvisor guest reviews of the Garmisch Partenkirchen's ski resort by clicking here. You can also get more information from

Downhill skiing and snowboarding is not the only activity you can engage in while here; you may also get your heart rate up by cross country skiing and get some thrills by sledding. Night sledding is even available; illuminated tracks run on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Mountain biking in the summer is another huge event. Check with the online tourist board for information and to order a route guide.

There are two golf courses in the area so golfers can stay busy. Motorcycle fans and riders should plan on coming during the BMW Biker Meeting in July.