The Bavarians have a culture that has been celebrated not only by them but by countless others who have visited the region and have been charmed to no end by their traditions and daily lifestyle. Although modern day Garmisch-Partenkirchen does not necessarily ensure men in lederhosen everyday, the culture is still very much alive and well. However, during the celebration of Garmischer Folklore Week from the end of July through beginning of August; you can the men in lederhosen as they parade down the streets!

The Germans sometimes has a reputation of being more stand-offish than some of their neighbors. This isn't true of Garmish-Partenkirchen; the city is used to seeing many tourists because of the area's beauty, the healing spas, and because they hosted the Winter Olympics in 1936. They have a pride in their region and are proud to have visitors. Many speak near flawless English and are happy to help you.

The people here are active and love being outdoors; who wouldn't with their homeland's beauty? But just as much as they get outdoors, they also get indoors for a hearty meal. Delve in with them with pilsners and schnitzel!