Bewegungs-art at Guntramstr 52 is the city’s center for contemporary dance, including improvisation and dance theatre. This theatre hosts many workshops for dancers, special programs and the Neuer Tanz Festival every March. The city’s other dance theatre is the AAK im E-Werk. Together, these two venues host an international dance festival every other October called the International Festival of New Dance. More traditional dance genres, including Freiburg dance and classical ballet, are usually performed at the Concert House (Konzerthaus Freiburg). Shows have included guest appearances by traveling companies such as the renowned St. Petersburg National Ballet.

There are several theatres in Freiburg, with the main one being Theatre Freiburg on Bertoldst 46. There are four stages offering musicals, drama, ballet, and other forms of dramatic art. The theatre also comes with the Jackson Pollock Bar for guests who desire refreshments before the show. There are also the Theater im Marienbad at Marienstr 4, which puts on shows for children; the Alemannische Bühne Freiburg on Gerberau, with folk performances; the Freiburger Puppenbühne on Sonnenwiese, a puppet theater; and the Galli Theater at Haslacherstr 15, which offers mostly comedy acts. If theatre is not your cup of tea, you can also try the CinemaxX at Bertoldstr 50, a more conventional movie house with the latest releases, or one of the art cinemas in the city such as Arthaus Harmonie on Grünwälderstr or Kommunales Kino on Urachstr 40.