Rather surprisingly, nothing has been mentioned about this old, charming village in Provence. Here, the Romans settled a colony called 'Glanum'. The ruins of the former Roman town can be visited at the very foot of the Alpilles mountains. Just a few paces outside, the Arch of Triumph and the Victory cenotaph still attract hords of visitors as they have become an iconic landmark.

Nearby, St.Paul de Mausole is the asylum where Van Gogh was interned when he was judged to be insane in Arles. This is where he did some of his most striking paintings like 'Starry Night'. A path leads to the spots where Van Gogh would paint. The local tourist board added plaques of his paintings at the spots where Van Gogh stood to paint.

But St. Rémy is also Nostradamus's birthplace. You can see the house he was born in. Unfortunately, it is not possible to visit it. Later, this world-famous astrologist moved to the town of Salon further south, towards Marseilles.

Today, St. Rémy is an absolutely delightful place full of galleries and lovely, little shops, where it is pleasant to come for a stroll. This area still attracts many artists, who have elected it as their living quarters.

For those who like to discover natural sights, there is a reservoir in the 'Alpilles' just outside town, called 'le lac de St.Rémy'. It is possible to hike there. But it can be reached by bicycle or even by car at some periods of the year. This is another cool and delightful place to go to amidst a large forest of pine-trees.

On the way to the lake on the outskirts, there is an enclosed area to the right in a small pine tree wood, which is the old Jewish cemetery. Not many people know about this place as it is safely locked and open on certain occasions. But this is a reminder that this part of Provence has been an old Jewish settlement like a few other towns in the area.

St.Rémy-de-Provence is a great place to visit if you want to get a feel of the heartbeat of Provence and discover its essence.