Located on the Mediterranean, the French Riviera has some of the best weather in all of France and its microclimate has contributed to its worldwide renown for almost 200 years. While open to the sea, the surround hills, Estérel Mountains to the west, and Mercantour Alps to the North help shield the city from the wind, while a sea breeze provides a mild summer that reduces the intense heat. As a result Nice has some nice mild weather throughout the year, with temperatures in the mid 70s in the summer and the high 50s in the winter.

Thats the good news. Whilst boasting variously 200 - 250 days of sunshine a year, that still leaves at least 100 days unnaccounted for. It does rain  too.  November is historically the wettest month of the year, though cloudy and rainy days can confidently be forecast on some occasions all year round.  Nice is especially difficult to predict because of its hills behind, so it can be cloudy inland and at the same time sunny along the coast. Or Cloudy to the West but sunny to the east. 

 Summer is a mixed blessing. July/ August sees the official French school holidays, the holiday population swells with families heading for the coast and traffic can reach gridlock. Night temperatures in the peak of Summer - late July and  August - can be challenging in the mid-30's and accommodation with air conditioning is recommended for those visitors unaccustomed to humidity and heat. June and September are as a result some discerning visitor's preference

January is a good month for the off season visit, having left the  worst of November well behind but before Spring and April showers. Cool as you might expect but dry with very bright Winter sun and clear vivid blue skies due to the low humidity. And if you’re planning a trip during the winter, the nearby mountain villages offer ski resorts with plenty of snow just 60 miles away.