RCA (Rapides Côte d'Azur) is a service that offers shuttles to and from the Nice Airport (line 110); between 9am and 9pm; price 30 euros return (October 2013). The station in Menton on Avenue de Sospel also has shuttles to other nearby cities, including Grasse, downtown Nice, Antibes and Cannes (of film festival fame). 

It is very convenient and inexpensive to go by local train. A number of destinations along the main line from Nice to Ventimiglia are reachable by local trains; betweeen Monaco and the border local trains stop at Menton Garavan, Menton, Carnolès and Roquebrune Cap Martin. Trains are frequent and timetables are available at the station. The trip to Monaco from Menton takes 10-15 minutes and costs 1,80 euros (march 2008). It is easy to buy tickets at the counter or from the ticket machines at the station (remember to "compost" the ticket before entering the train !).

The public transportation system inside the city is limited to a 9-route bus line called TRF. The most frequent lines run every 30 minutes, while several only make about 4 round trips a day. Most buses leave from the central station (Gare Routière) on Avenue de Sospel. Tickets are 1€ for a single trip or  10€ for a 10 trip ticket (October 2013). The 10 trip ticket can be purchased at the Tourist Information Bureau, at the Gare Routiere and sometimes on buses (they tend to run out of these past mid-day). Be careful not to fold it, as it must be put through the yellow validation box next to the driver and the machine will not accept folded tickets. With these buses, you can get up to the perched villages of Ste Agnes, Sospel and Gorbio- which are worth visiting- or get around town to sites like the Bastion and Musee d'Antiquitées and still have the strength to walk around inside them. A map showing all the routes is available at the Gare or the Tourist Info desk. 

Another way of getting around (especially inside the city) is by taxi, which can be hailed off the street or by calling in advance. The station in front of the SNCF train station can be reached at 04 92 10 47 02, and the phone number for the one for town hall is 04 92 10 47 00. (A caveat here: commonly the French taxi drivers do not respond to hails from the street, so one may be lucky with that, or not.)