The markets in Avignon are a real treat for shoppers. Most open early, around 6 am, and don’t close until after lunch, around 1 pm. Les Halles is the biggest covered market, with more than 40 different vendors. It’s open every day except Mondays. The weekends mean numerous food markets on St-Michel and place Crillon. Check out place des Carmes on Saturdays for the flower market and on Sundays for the flea market.

If you’re looking for Provencal antiques from the 18th and 19th centuries, seek out Antiquites Bourret on rue Limas. At Mistral-Les Indiens de Nimes, on rue Joseph-Vernet, you can find copies for Provencal fabrics from the same time period, including clothing for the whole family. It also features Provencal-inspired furniture and kitchenware. More Provencal clothing is available at down the street at Soulejado, and additional kitchenware can be found at Herve Baume, on rue Petite Fusterie. This shop has everything from folk art to handblown crystal to dinner service. On rue des Fourbisseurs, Jaffier-Parsi is famous for its copper cookware.

If you seek English books and a cup of tea in an antique and cosy atmosphere, then Cami-Li Books & Tea, rue Carreterie, is the place for you!