There are two types of popular bull fights in Arles. The Provençal type, courses camarguaises, feature a team of bull fighters that try to remove a tassel from the bull’s horn but do not kill the bull. There is also the Spanish variety, in which matadors ultimately kill the bull. Both types occur regularly in the Arles arena between April and October. If you want to see one of the larger contests, come for the Easter Feria in April or the Rice Feria in September, during which there are two fights every day. There is also the Cocarde d’Or, which takes place on the first Monday of every July. Every two years in October, a final is held to determine the best razeteur (bull fighter of the course camarguaise), with the winner taking home the trophée des As.

Every three years, the city of Arles holds a competition among young women (between the ages of 18 and 24) to crown a Queen of Arles. This is usually a locally born and raised Arles woman who displays an excellent knowledge of Arles history and culture, especially traditional dress (see Culture for details). The selected candidate is crowned at the July Festival of Arles.

There are numerous arts festivals in Arles. The International Photography Festival is held every July in this city (which is also home to France’s national photography school) and displays over 50 exhibits. There are also the International Music Festival (“Les Suds”) in mid-July, the European Festival of Nude Photography in May and the Harp Festival in late October.