Fontaine de Vaucluse is a small village on the edge of the Luberon region of Provence, about 35k east of Avignon. It's famous for its "source", the spring that wells up from under the mountains to feed the rapidly flowing stream that rushes off to Isle Sur La Sorge and points west.

There's quite a collection of tourist traps along the path to the spring but you can ignore them and enjoy the ambience of a pretty little village with a small town square, a bridge across the impressively rushing water, a good collection of cafes and restaurants and a lovely ambience once the crowds have gone home in the evening. Avoid the weekend rush and you'll enjoy the visit even more.

There are plenty of hopefuls fishing but not many fish. There are camping places nearby and kayaking for the more adventurous. It's a good place from which to head east into the Luberon hill villages.  Not a 'must see' but an enjoyable destination in Provence.