Throughout the year, visitors to Caen (and the general Normandy area) have numerous opportunities to experience unique and entertaining festivals and events.

            Every year during a long weekend in the middle of March, the Festival Aspect des Musiques d’Aujourd’hui takes over the city.   This event, which is filled with creative music being performed at various venues, attracts people from all over the country.  

            In Honfleur, during a weekend at the beginning of every June, the sea-men of the area gather to celebrate their maritime roots and histories.   The captains of many vessels gather and create a procession out into the sea, before coming back into the port to receive the priest’s blessing.

             New Years is a fun time to be around Caen .  Generally the weather is warm enough to see people strolling down the streets that are decorated with seasonal flair.  There are many activities that take place around the city on New Years day.

            The “Le Rock dans tous ses Etats” Festival has been held in the city of Evreux for ten years now.   This music festival has been attracting music lovers for 23 years now.  

            For more information about the various happenings held throughout Normandy during any month of the year, check out this Events Calendar.