The climate in Nord-Pas de Calais is fairly similar to that of southeastern England. Thanks to the warm wasters of the North Atlantic drift Nord-Pas de Calais has a generally pleasant year round climate. It is typically cool, but seldom suffers from periods of excessive cold. During the height of summer the weather can actually be quite warm and very sunny.

The summer months from June through September can be warm, and it isn’t uncommon for daytime highs in the mid to uppers 80s, with the lows in the upper 60s to low 70s. Summer does tend to be the rainy season, but it generally drier than just across the channel in England. However, the late summer and early fall can be very wet at the English Channel and this includes Nord-Pas de Calais.

With the changing of seasons, things can get much wetter with the arrival of fall. The temperatures fall in the autumn, and there can be days that are quite chilly in fact, as the dampness makes it feel even cooler. The winter can be cold, and it can reach freezing at night, but the area seldom has much, if any, snow fall.

Spring arrives early to this part of England too, and by the middle of March the temperatures generally start to pick up, while April and May offer numerous lovely spring days. At times it is clear enough that England is almost visible off in the distant on a sunny day.