There are many interesting historical and cultural attractions to visit while in Perpignan. Le Castillet is a very popular attraction that almost every tourist that comes to the city goes to. This is located near the Basse River. Le Castillet was built in 1368 by Guillame Gitard. At one point in time it was a prison, but since 1904 it has been a museum of art and traditional folk lore. Another good museum to visit is Le Cathedral Saint Jean. This was built in 1324 under the reign of Sanche of Majorica. Many people visit here not only for the beauty and history, but for the religious interests as well. Le Couvent de Minimes is another good museum to go to. This was a large monastery built in 1573. Today, many photography exhibitions are held in the building. Le Palais des Rois de Majorique is another interesting attraction that you should try to check out. This monument, which was built in 1276, is located in the heart of the citadel. It is considered the most important monument in the city, and at one time was the residence for the Count Jaume I of Majorica. If you get a chance, you should also go to Musee Casa Pairal, Musee D'histoire Naturelle, and Musee Rigaud. They are all interesting and have their own unique attractions inside.