Perpignan has a public transportation system that deals primarily with buses and trains. There are bus routes that run all throughout the city, and they connect to the center of town, Perpignan Airport, and SNCF Railway Station and Gare Routiers. These are some of the bigger and more important stops in the city, the last two being the major train stations in Perpignan. The airport is only five kilometers from the city, but it helps save money if you use the bus rather than take a taxi to get there. There are frequent shuttles back and forth. The bus system is operated by Les Couriers. If you want to call them you can dial (0)4 68 55 68 00. The prices for the tickets are not too expensive, and it is definitely a smart way to get around the city if you don't have a car, can't walk to where you are going, and don't want to keep riding in taxis. The train system in France is very efficient and safe. The trains are fast and don't even cost that much money. It is also a good way to see the countryside. Many people, especially travelers, choose this option.

 Some additional information

Information gathered on a visit early June 2008 - please be aware that most of the on-line information is available in French only.


Perpignan Railway Station is on the western side of the city about 1km/1100 yards from the historic city centre. There are connections by long-distance trains from all the major cities of France - for information see as timetables are very complicated. There are also two daily trains between Perpignan, Girona and Barcelona, one of which also serves Alicante and Valencia. Reservations are essential on almost all long-distance trains in France . You should book well ahead, especially if you are intending to travel on Fridays, Sundays or around major holidays as trains are very often full.

If you are coming from Spain to Perpignan by train, use the Spanish Railways website (Spanish only) at

Perpignan is also served by local TER trains linking the city with Narbonne, Carcassonne, Toulouse, Nimes, Avignon,down to Cerbere on the border with Spain and to Villefranche/Vernet-les-Bains for the connection with the 'little yellow train' to La Tour de Carol. These TER trains are very irregular, with some gaps of over 3 hours with no trains, they do operate every day but not late into the evenings. Timetables can be viewed at


Perpignan's little airport is about four miles out of town. Bus 7 stops at the airport and goes into town. The most convenient stop for the center is "Vauban". From there you can take another city bus to your final destination.. See bus timetable at Check details with your airline or at

Regional Buses

A network of buses radiates from Perpignan connecting it with the various towns throughout the region. Services are generally infrequent, do not operate after about 7pm and there are virtually no buses on Sundays and holidays, except in July and August to some of the more popular seaside resorts. Timetables can be viewed at

There is now (January 2011) a new Central Bus Station (Gare routière) which is situated adjacent to the new TGV station with an entrance in Boulevard Saint-Assiscle. This is 'behind', ie., to the west of the old station - Dali's 'Centre of the World' - but is in the same complex. Walking passengers can access it via the old railway station entrance. Normal access is via the main TGV entrance and turn right.

Buses do stop elsewhere in the city according to route. If you should wish to board a bus 'out on the  road' there are timetables posted at all the bus-stops. When the timetable indicates "scolaire" it means that the bus does not run during school holidays.

City Buses

The Compagnie des Transports de Perpignan-Méditerranée (CTPM) operates the city bus network, which extends out to the nearby beach resorts of Canet Plage, Ste Marie Plage etc. Buses operate between about 6am and 9pm Mondays to Saturdays. There are few buses on Sundays and Holidays except, in summer, to the seaside resorts. Timetables are extraordinarily irregular, with seemingly random intervals between buses, but the timetables and maps are posted at every bus-stop. The CTP information is here and more about the city is at


Free city shuttles

Parc des Expos to Place de Catalogne (Catalogne Brasserie bus stop) ,  Monday to Saturday every 12 minutes from 7 am to 9.23 am and from 3.40 pm to 8 pm, designated bus stops. Convenient for people coming from Canet, Sainte-Marie, Bompas, etc.

P'tit Bus 1 from Place de Catalogne (Catalogne-Brasserie bus stop)  to train station, Monday to Saturday every 15 minutes from 8.50 am to 12.40 pm and from 1.10 pm to 5.05pm.

P'tit Bus 2 from Place de Catalogne (Jeantet Violet bus stop) to Place Cassanyes, Monday to Saturday, every 30 minutes from 8.50 am to 12.40 pm and from 1.10 pm to 5.05 pm.

There are no designated stops for P'tit Bus 1 and 2. Hail the driver to stop and tell him where you want to get off. No free shuttles on Sundays or on national holidays.

In addition, when there is a Top 14 rugby home game,  free shuttle to Aimé Giral Stadium, provided you show your entrance ticket  to the bus driver.. First departure from Catalogne, Arago, Castillet or Parc des Expositions 2 hours before the game starts (last departure 30 minutes befor). . After the game, departure 30 minutes after the end of the game. 



There are at least four budget hotels right outside the railway station, including the ubiquitous 'Hotel Terminus' also a Hotel Balladins. Other hotels great and small are scattered all over town.