If you find yourself in Carcassonne from 12am until 8am waiting for a flight home you might assume there would be something you could do to entertain yourself...

Upon arrival you may be sceptical; it seems like quite a small town and you might worry you would find yourself wandering aimlessly around the streets until the time you have to go to the airport. When the bars close at 1.30am, you might feel it is all over and that you are in for a horrible night. How wrong you could be!

If you're lucky, you could find yourself in front of a large iron door, and you should ring the intercom. A huge bouncer will sweep you inside, take your suitcases and safely stow them behind the bar. Get yourself a bottle of whiskey and join in...This small underground club is packed full of friendly, party-animals who are more than willing to take travelers under their wings and show them an amazing time.

When you get to the airport at 7am, you may want to pinch yourselves wondering if the crazy night you just had was all in your imagination.

So, if you find yourself in Carcassonne at night-time, you need to find that large iron door, or that tall gentleman, and you WILL have the best night of your life.

The name of the club?...that's your adventure to have!